Tuesday, 11 September 2007

CC Wrap: Gourmet Bead Platter

I enjoy having guests over for dinner (or supper, if you prefer).

Sometimes, I stress over the menu and worry about my cooking but you know, on reflection (having taken the photos below), I sort of reckon that it might be possible to get away with serving something out of a tin, as long as there's a bit of candlelight, some gentle background music, good wine and a modicum of presentation?!

A platter designed for the discerning knitter...

...settling down to enjoy... ...a closer look at what is what...
...and finally, the evening's debris...

...indicates a platter enjoyed.

Ahh, there is nothing quite like contributing to the world of gastro blogging, is there?! I will post close ups when I have better light.

I do have stories of guerilla cooking but in the event that I ever invite you over to dinner, in defence of my culinary skills, it's quite safe - no need to pack sandwiches.


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