Saturday, 8 September 2007

Yarn Arrival: Order - Abject Chaos - Order

My Posh Yarn for the Castle Couture wrap has arrived from Dee and it is gorgeous.

It is slightly more intense in colour than the yarn that I have been using for swatching - that is not a complaint! It is just by way of explanation that my project yarn looks to have a vibracy that my swatch yarn did not have, so I cannot wait to cast it on and see how it knits up!
You will notice from the photos below that every time I try to photograph this yarn, my camera seems to saturate itself with the intensity of the yarn colour. This is not some 'my head has disappeared up my own backside' statement - it is just that I have noticed that in some pictures, it seems to glare and pull the overall image of the yarn out of focus. (Although that might be my lack of a tripod as well.)

So here you are - from the order of the skeins received - through the chaos incurred by ball winding with a swift (including a fair bit of skein untangling) - and back again to the order of centre pull balls, all prepared and ready for use:

1. Working out how to order the skeins for use (plus comparing project and swatch colours)!

2. Ball winder and swift looking deceptively orderly.

3. Truth starts to reveal itself towards the end of the first skein.

4. Disaster strikes towards the end of the second skein.

4. Some time is spent painstakingly untangling the end of the second skein. Really.
5. It is all worthwhile in the end...