Tuesday, 10 April 2007

CCC Hat - still working on it!

I have reworked the hat (Hat Mark 2), drafted the pattern ready to send over to Robynn and taken photos of family and friends modelling (larking about in) both versions! I'm not quite ready to show you pictures as I still need to tweak the pattern. Hat Mark 2 is definitely a hat but it seems to have a slight 'nipple' at its tip which I need to sort out. Actually, I quite like it as it gives the top of the hat some character but I suspect that hat purists will feel that it is a fault in its design!

Robynn has seen a preview picture (of some friends' children trying it on a week ago) and suggested that I create an optional knitted accessory for it. I am happy to oblige but the photos that I have taken so far don't include one!

In the meantime, for your post Easter viewing pleasure see left for a photo of a family member in oversized Hat Mark 1!

Please bear in mind that I didn't bother to do any finishing on this hat which accounts for its lack of shape and possibly, the odd end dangling down - trust me, she is sooooo going to kill me for posting this!

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