Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Castle Cat Couture

I had a huge amount of fun putting my Puss in Boots entry together - I decided to enter about a week before the deadline, so there was no time to do anything except pound out a story, buy a cat magazine, pull out some art stuff and get on with it.

Originally, Castle Cat Couture was intended to be a few fun collaged pictures as mood boards to support my story and the cat muff notebook. However, once I had finished cutting and sticking, I couldn't bear not to swatch them (with some help from a very good friend) and put some thought into how to make them - so I changed my story to suit!

In answer to Roobeedoo's question, I have no idea how many things I might try to make from it yet - I have almost finished the first item and once that's done, I will write up the pattern. That is, assuming that Robynn doesn't burst out laughing when she's pictures of how it has turned out...

...after all, this was its tag line!

I soooo think that this will come back to haunt me! Please just remember when you are inspecting my work that the emphasis throughout has been on fun! It's likely to take a few days to sort out my words and pictures to bring you up to date, so please continue to bear with me!

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